I need a break from this vacation!

I would like to tell you about my weekend but my weekend but my wife, bro-in-law, sis-in-law and nephew did a fine job. I do however have to say thanks to everyone who let me crash at their respective houses. I think I slept in 4 places in 4 days including the lazy-boy at Ellis'.

Are you like me? Do you go & go & go while on "vacation". Holy crap: Fri 2:30am, Sat 4:30am, Sun 5:00am, Mon 8:00am, AHHWW the sleep in, Tues back up at 5:00am. Last night however 7-1/2 hours of solid, in my bed, windows open, open mouth snore job.

I can't decide if I like the quick 3-4 day vacation or the longer week to ten day vaca? Both have their Pro's & Con's I guess. To be honest I'm glad I got to fly back, that makes a four day vaca worthwhile. If a person has to do a roadie, it better be a good week, or else your rear end never gains back the feeling lost from hours of no circulation.

But now it's back to work. Actually the last day of vacation for me is worse than a day at work. I spend all day thinking about what I will have to face when I get back. "Just how many e-mails will I have? Did Mr. Cook's Norcold recall kit come in, I better check on that first thing! I wonder how many voice messages I'll have to return? I wonder if my co-workers left the soda in my fridge alone while I was gone?" Those were my thoughts, and yes it consumes me.

Only bad part of the weekend was I only spent one evening with my parents. Oh well, they're coming down for T-Giving so we should have lots of time together. I hope Jen & the girls are having fun. Thanks again for everyone's hospitality. Now back to 87 & sunny :->!