If you haven't seen Office Space it comes highly recommended by yours truly. It is one of those shows I identify with because each character is a person you / I already know. That's why I like shows like Office Space, Seinfeld & the The Office.

I was back to my old / new job today - It is actually kind of funny, a guy at works made me a sign and had it as you walk in to the department "Parts department under new / old management". I've got to say I'm glad to be back. Even though it's only been a day I seem to be happier and I seem to fit better there. It is a good group of guys that want to do a good job, enjoy working hard, and get-along with no complaining!

So if you are in need of RV parts, be sure to look me up :->


Do we have to do everything ourselves???

This is going to be just a quick shout out. Jen & I went to Fry's last night, and granted it was kinda late. We got there just before 9pm and didn't check out until just before 10pm.

When we went to check out there wasn't a single cashier working. Now they did have the self-checkout open with 8 stations available but...

Jen and I bought $170 worth of stuff last night.
Sidenote: It's amazing how little you get for $170
We ended up having to check out at 2 separate stations because of all of our stuff. Those self-checkout things work on a weight scale. You scan your item, then set it on a weighted space, then move on to your next item and continue. It's pretty hard to fit $170 worth of stuff on to a 2 foot wide by 3 feet long stainless steel slab. You should have seen me engeneering my tower.

When I was done I was totally expecting to have someone offer me a building contract.
Not only was my tower impressive but I'm also running back-and-forth scanning my Fresh Values card, running my debit card through the machine, loading groceries in both carts etc... No need to hit the gym tonight I guess!

Anyway I just can't beleive how many things we have to do ourselves just to grace business with our hard earned money. Earlier that day Jen had offered to go to the store herself, what a joke that could have been, but maybe hers would have been a better blogg... ;->


You just erased what?

So tonight between my softball games I came home to drop Megan off because it was 8pm and it is her bedtime at 8. We were just kinda mulling around as a family, talking, bloggin', etc... I wander over to the TV set to see how the NCAA tournament is going. The screen that appears after you've viewed a DVR'd movie is on, with 3 option to choose from. 1-Play from the beginning; 2-Erase; 3-Copy to VCR. I chose 2-Erase.
Bad Idea!!!
It was "Smart House" a made for TV movie from the Disney folks. Megan sees me do this and says "You didn't just erase it did you?" Sam whips around "You erased it!?!?"
Needless to say she was none to pleased with me. She starts bawling uncontrollably, screaming "Why did you erase it" over and over.

Of course I apologized but there was no consoling her, until she called Grandma & Grandpa. I guess they made her feel better, even though later Grandma told us she didn't understand a word Sam had said.
I thought I'd do the right thing, and after finding out this movie only runs on TV once a year I tried to buy it off the internet. No such luck! Not that it's not available but, I'm too cheap, they want $31 for a used copy. To be honest, I'm not that sorry. I'll just try to download it, I'll update later on whether or not I was successful. :->


What did you talk about over Easter breakfast?

Ya know Jen & I do our best as parents, and there are times where we look like geniuses, and times we look like dogs. This morning Megan and Sam were sitting down eating as I was busily making more waffles. In the background the TV was on, I really don't why I even had it on. I wasn't watching it, nor was anyone else per se. If you read to the left you can see I like boring educational shows, and as I sometimes do, I had it on DIY the "Do-it-yourself" network.

Every one's been there, the TV's on but your not really paying attention to what's on. At the time it was a commercial for a commonly advertised doctor prescribed medication. So Megan asks me mid-waffle "Dad what is genital Herpes?"

I look over to see an advertisement for Valtrex, "Your once daily tablet for controlling your genital Herpes outbreaks". So now I have a paradox, answer it totally honestly, or answer it gently? So I told my sweet girls that it's a really bad disease and left it at that!

Genital Herpes - Could there be two words in the English language that when said sequentially bring more shivers down your spine? Maybe? I have come up with a few others, as I've warned before sensitive viewers should quit reading at this point.

Testicular Cancer
Violent Diarreah
Projectile Vomiting

If you're still reading please feel free to leave me an addition to the list, I bet we could compile some doozies!!!


Pucker Power

So the wifey buys me a new candy today. It's a spin off my all-time favorite candy, Razzles. I know many of you are saying what are Razzles. Razzles, First it's a candy, then it's a gum. What could be better than that huh? Candy and then gum! Have I gone to sweets Shangri-la?

Now I'll admit that the euphoria of a Razzle is tragically brief. It holds the record for cheap gum that loses it's flavor the fastest, but what a great 14 seconds. Now as Paul Harvey says here's the rest of the story!

4 packets of Razzles were purchased for yours truly. What a nice wife right. One is my all-time favorite "traditional" Razzles.

The other three packs are a new variety...Why spoil the best candy ever, I don't know. These new-fangled Razzles are "Sour Razzles". O...K... We'll give it a shot. I've been known to try a new food or two, how bad could these possibly be? After all, my peeps at the Razzle plant wouldn't do me wrong, right?


Now here's a disclaimer. The following will be graphic in nature, sensitive viewers should stop reading now.

If you need to use the restroom prior to eating Sour Razzles please do so. Now I'm specifically talking about a two-sy. Cause these babies are sooo sour you'll be puckered up everywhere for 30-45 minutes. Tomorrow I'm planning on beginning my vow of silence because my jaw hurts so bad I'm considering a jaw-ectomy.

I love my dear wife, but Jen please, stick to the "riginal" next time!!!


I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors but...

Remember that song? Sometimes I think it's very true, and I'm the subject. That's OK though. I laugh at just about everything, I don't take anything too seriously, and it's a good thing.

My boss was fired this week and that's always a bitter-sweet feeling. I'm grateful for my job, I'm grateful for what he's taught me, but I'm glad it wasn't me! Actually, the day after he was let go the GM asked me to move back in to the parts department to fix what's gone on in there over the past 5 months. Again bitter-sweet, I've enjoyed myself and the challenges the service department brings, but going back to old hat will be refreshing. Now that I've stepped away from parts for a few months, I can more easily see where I could improve, now to do it.

Anywho that crap's boring...

On Saturday night the 4 of us went to the PPP, that's Peter Piper Pizza the pizza people puke. Seriously their pizza is nasty. I know of people who like it, and if you're one, don't tell me about it cause I'll think less of you and your tasteless, no tasting, taste buds. Hey, say that 3 times over and it sound ridiculous. On my second token I hit a 315 ticket jackpot from the game where the light goes round & round and you have to stop it on a single light. It was awesome, but the problem with doing that 2nd token in, you know the rest of your night will pretty much suck.

When all was said and done the 4 of us has 1200 tickets that needed to be spent. After saying no to 240 pieces of 5 ticket candy we got these goofy A glasses.
We all thought we were pretty hot walking through Fry's doing our grocery shopping, but once the headaches set in they had to go. It's amazing that $50 can get you a migraine and diarrhea all in the same evening. Good times!


Never get a physical from a nurse named Helga!

Although this happened a few months ago I was sharing the following story with a buddy of mine at work today and thought hey, this is too funny not to blogg. (Yes I realize blog only has one "g" in it, it's kind of my theme)

I have a commercial driver's license (CDL). I've had a commercial driver's license since I was 18 and delivering furniture for RC Willey. When I went to work for Earnhardt's they told me I must have a valid AZ driver's license to continue employment. At the time I still had my UT CDL, no problem, I'll go down to the DMV (MVD in the AZ) and transfer it over. SIDE NOTE - A part of the CDL license is getting/having a DOT physical from a doctor to insure that you're physically capable of operating a truck.

So that Saturday I go down to the MVD on Mesa Drive. Take my number, fill out my paperwork to transfer from a UT license to an AZ license, and wait for a little over an hour to see an attendant. "I'm sorry sir we don't do CDL licenses at this branch, you'll have to go to our other location out on Baseline & Greenfield where they do CDL's". Ugh, are you kidding me. The good news was, the form I had filled out, I could take it with me, I would be using the same form at the other branch.

I mentioned this was a Saturday because I went to the MVD on Greenfield the following Monday. Why/how do I remember it was a Monday, because the MVD on Greenfield is open on Saturday's, therefore they are closed on Monday's to allow their employee's a two day weekend. (Another lunch hour ruined) So the next day (Tuesday) I go to the MVD on Greenfield during my lunch hour, wait the usual 45 minutes, only to be told I must have a current DOT physical in order to get my CDL transferred over. Ugh, you mean I gotta leave, find a doctor, get a physical, and return again (not on a Monday), to wait all over again...YUP! the State of AZ you have to have a current DOT physical or you lose your CDL. In UT you only have to have it if you're operating a commercial vehicle.

Getting a DOT physical is usually a fairly easy process, heart rate, blood pressure, vision, hearing, stuff like that. Also it usually takes about 15-20 minutes to get done, except for me.

I went to Concentra after calling for an appointment (walk-ins only) during my lunch hour the next day. After patiently (Ha, see how I work those medical puns right in) waiting for 45 minutes I asked the nurse when it would be my turn. "Oh not for a couple more hours" she says "This is our busiest time of the day". OK... - When is your slowest time of the day and I'll come back then. Late in the afternoon she informs me, but you have to be in the doors prior to 5:00pm for us to see you.

Later that day after taking an hour-and-a-half lunch I had to ask my boss if I could leave early for this physical. PS here..., my current job has nothing to do with commercial driving. Although he's perplexed by my request and my desire to hang on to my CDL, he relents and lets me go. So I get to Concentra just before 5, fill out the patient information paperwork (again) and proceed to wait in the lobby.

After a short ten minute wait I get "the call" by a CNA. Sweet enough gal, she takes my blood pressure and checks my heart rate. Walks me over to the eye chart and makes me read P G T O H N V... Next I do the pee-pee thing in the jar and casually hand this nice young lady my warm cup of lemonade. She thanks me by having my undress down to my underwear & socks and puts me in one of those horrible paper nightshirt, tukish hanging out thingy's.

So I sit...and sit...and sit. This would be about the time I notice the A/C has not shut off the whole time I'm waiting for the doctor. Just so you're aware it's November. I am freezing my arse off, and I'm not the type to get cold easily. I'm cutting glass, if you know what I mean. By now I've been in this paper dress for about 45 minutes waiting. As my hypothermia is setting in I delusionally open the door, spot a worker, and inform her how cold it is in the room. "Oh I'm sorry, let's prop this door open and let some of the warm air from the hallway get in". So now I'm still nearly naked, freezing cold, and have everyone passing by the waiting room staring at me as they walk by, nice.

Another 45 minutes goes by (no kidding another 45 minutes) and the "doctor" comes in. She is actually a Physician's Assistant, no bother except when it comes to the turn your head and cough part!!! As she comes in she politely asks "How are you" - "I'm freezing, I'm naked, and the A/C's been on full blast the entire time I've been in here waiting for you" Hmmm she says "I wonder why they didn't put you on the other side of the building, the A/C's broken on this side of the building on there isn't anybody else in those rooms" Ah $%!*, what, broken, empty, what kind of a sick torture camp is this anyways?

At any rate we get going with the physical, remember above when I said usually they are easy, and 15-20 minutes. Not this one. I guess since I had to wait so long she wanted to make sure I got my money's worth. She's doing every test known since her Hippocratic oath. I even think she performed a general field sobriety test at one point. And yes, I did in fact have to turn my head and cough for her...

That's about the end of the good stuff. After that I went back to the MVD, turned in my paperwork, including my new DOT physical, had my picture taken and walked out with a shiny new driver's license. Here's a break down of the expense if the above wasn't enough to get your sympathy.
DOT Physical = $90
AZ CDL = $70
CDL Endorsements = 5 x $5 = $25
Humiliation = Priceless


A great weekend

Well I don't know about you but I personally had a great weekend. I was able to play golf at a fabulous place called Superstition Mountain. It's a country club, and through my boss and his friends I was able to tag along. It is a beautiful course, as a matter of fact the LPGA will be having a tournament there in a couple of weeks. The houses surrounding the course are stunning, the kind of place where once I moved in you wouldn't be able to get me to leave. I guess I wouldn't be able to stay long since I would stop working, run out of money, and eventually starve or go in to foreclosure, lol.

Not to beat the point to death, but I could get accustomed to frequenting a facility like that. When we hit balls before our round I had blasted 10 or so balls down range. Just then a guy came up, said "excuse me a moment sir" and re-filled my pyramid of range balls. Besides that I spent a great day with my oldest daughter. We were informed we were to not be around during Sam's B-day party. So we went to a local swap meet, although it's more like a bizarre than a swap meet. It's all under a huge complex of tents, so big we only saw / shopped through about a third of it. Two hours later I had only spent $15 on a dozen "gently used" golf balls. Sometimes it just clicks between a parent and a child. This day was one of those days. Me and Megan were like peas and carrots.

Now that Sunday's almost over I'm starting to be apprehensive about this upcoming week at work. We have some corporate type folks coming in on Tuesday & Wednesday. I;m told they are here to evaluate the place and make changes as they see fit. If the week ends with seeing more of my co-workers without a job it would not surprise me. That is a sick feeling to have as you prepare yourself for the upcoming week. Oh well, I guess, I can only do my best and hope for the best. We'll keep the blogg posted should any big shake-ups come down the pike.


Just give it up???

Tonight I had a softball marathon. I had 3 games this evening, one at 7 and one at 8 at Barney Park for church softball. Once those 2 were over I drove to another field for a league game at 9:30. Let's just say if tonight's games were a car, that car would have 4 flats and the engine would be blown up. I / we lost all 3 games. Not just lost, but got our arse's kicked. In 3 games I was only able to bat 4 times. I've had games where I've batted 4 times, these 3 games, not so much.

I will admit that I'm a person who hates losing. I don't love winning as much as I hate losing, so it's hard for me to see my teams getting worked over. I will also admit that I play softball as recreation, I know it's not important, but I don't like being un-competitive at anything. One needs to ask his self when he's batting 8th and playing right field on a rotating basis in a D league maybe it's time to give it up (Wow that just sounded really pathetic). Oh well, even if it kills me to see my teams get destroyed my dad always taught me never to quit. Thanks dad, your lesson hit home tonight :-)!


R U That Guy?

Some of you may be familiar with a local radio program that features a segment called "That Guy". It's a satirical take on what some people do that drives others crazy, this is my "That Guy".

Don't you hate that guy who shows up 45 seconds before a business is about to close its doors. This guy has had all day to run his errands or pick-up the items he's intended to do all day, but alas, he comes in just before the employees are ready to call it a day. After all the employee's lives are far less important and uninteresting than this guy's minor purchase.

I understand that we all "run a little late" or have to get something just before a place closes, but having some consideration for others is just common decency. That guy will not only show up at 4:59:15 but then he'll take his sweet time making his selections. He needs just the right thing-a-ma-jig or his wife is going to go ape $*!% and call him mean names. So he better browse for 19 & 1/2 minutes, only to grace you with his hard earned $12.74.

After all, for the common worker to expect to spend a reasonable amount of personal time with loved ones and friends is unacceptable in this "eat-to-work" society. I mean, if everyday that guy came to your work late, and spent around 20 minutes browsing, it would only add 86.66 hours to your work year. These 2 weeks and one day of the employees life are FAR less important than anything else that guy needs and or wants.

So before you go to a place late in the day, take a quick look at the door or the window and check for their hours of operation. If it's right before they close ask yourself the following list of questions and avoid being that guy.

1 - How long do I need to be in this place in order to complete my transaction?

2 - Do I absolutely need this item(s)?

3 - Can I possibly offer an apology to the employees whom I'm inconveniencing?

Question #1 only has one correct answer. As fast as I possibly can! And, if you can't honestly answer either question 2 or 3 in the affirmative just walk away..., walk away. There, now no one in the store refers to you as an ass!!!


Alright here I go... Not sure how big of a weiny this makes me but oh well. It's for posterity is what I keep telling myself. Seriously I was hanging out with family all weekend long and we were re-living all sorts of whacked stuff we did as kids when I realized it would be cool to be able to go back and have a written record of the "good times". My plan is to suck you in to my world just before you realize I'm full of Bull, then you'll be hooked. Oh and by the way no guarantees on the content you'll find here. If you know me then you realize I don't care much what people think of me, cept my wife & kidletts. Blogs are for the Blogger not the casual reader, but all are welcome here and comments, however inappropriate, are welcome. Theriously!