Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks...

About a week ago or thereabouts Kyle gave me a call and asked if I wanted tickets to a D-Backs game in the big ball park. It was a pre-season game, but who cares, I love a ball game. I don't think I've ever turned down a baseball game. AAA, AA, A, Little League, Big Leagues, Pre-season, regular season - it doesn't matter to me, I'll go...

Now comes decision time...Who to take...And yes this is a big decision in our house. For some reason our kids like spending time with us? I don't know why, we're the worst parents ever, depending on who you ask and on what day. But everytime a "special" occasion comes up it seems to turn in to a fight. So Megan got to go...Not mad Sammy...Sam was the last one to do something special with dad (See hunting with Sammy post).

I have very fond memories of baseball as a kid. I have very fond memories of going to games at Dirk's field in SLC and then Franklin Covey field after that, which BTW is a great AAA park. Dad would remind me to bring my glove, or mitt, depending on which part of the country you're from apparently. My Dad would tell me why the players were doing what they're doing, why they would position themselves like they did. He taught me that infielders put their feet side-by-side, spread apart so they could move left or right quickly. He taught me that outfielders put their feet front-to-back spread apart so they could move forward or back quickly. This is where I learned what pine tar is, this is where I learned what a donut is, this is where I learned what a farm team is, this is where I learned what chew was.

So now it's my turn to pass these things along to my posterity, except the chew, I'll wait till she's older for that :->. Megan and I had a great time. We were on the third base side (home team side) kinda behind the foul pole, front row for the bull pen. As a baseball lover this was a great seat. I got such a charge out of watching the guys warm-up, and see how hard they throw. We sat there for the whole game, minus the first 2 pitches. I showed her how every player in unison gets ready just before the pitcher throws the ball. I explained why the bats break when a player hits the ball wrong. I explained why a player comes out of the bull pen to warm-up the left fielder. I felt like a baseball genius to be honest.

I hope the game of baseball continues to be passed along generation to generation. I hope the game continues to be affordable for families to go (Free in my case). I hope the grass will always be super green and mowed like a cable knit sweater. I hope if reincarnation exists I get to come back as a major league relief pitcher...

Thanks for the great day Meg!


Getting my oil changed...

Why do we make the decisions we do?
On Saturday we needed some stuff, some Superbowl stuff. Avocado's, ice cream, snacks, drinks, etc... I usually don't go to Walmart on Saturday's as a personal rule. Too many people, too much going on, lines are too long, too much chaos for me and my flow.
With that said as we pulled in to the parking lot Jen says "Oh pull around to the back, I need my oil changed" O.K. then...
So the nice man with super greasy hands comes to my window to assist us. He asks a couple questions, scans the inside of my car door for the VIN information and comments that my car is less than 1 year old. Just so you know, we bought it back in June so it's only 7 months old. The last question the nice man asked was "So what's the mileage?" To which I reply Eighty Five Thirty.
Now remember he is the one who stated that the car is under a year old...
After I give my mileage reply he says "so... Eighty Five Thousand and Thirty?" [Side note; That was funny because I would have to average 404 miles per day to achieve that kind of mileage!]
No, it's Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Thirty.
Anywho...we do our shopping...pay our bill...and return to the oil change facility...
No biggie, until this morning when I notice the oil change sticker that they place in the upper left corner of our windshield. It has been hand written...8830...I guess we'll go back tomorrow for another change...


4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4...

4 Places I go over & over...Fondue Parties, Fantasy Land, Fergler's Hardware, Flander's House

4 People who e-mail me...Farah Faucet, French Foreign Legion, Fabio, Ferris Beuhler

4 Of my favorite places to eat...Floor, Fudruckers, Flamingo Hotel Coffee Shop, Fiat

4 Other places I'd rather be...Florida Keys, Filiburto's, Finland, Festivus party

4 People I think will respond...F-Nobody

4 TV Shows I watch...Freaks & geeks, Fandango, Felicity, Fantasy Island


I'm giving...Thanksgiving!

Sometimes, most of the time for me it I don't have full appreciation for something until it's gone. Such it is this year with Thanksgiving. I waited, with much anticipation for the big weekend to come this year. I love Thanksgiving, always have. Turkey, fresh rolls, pumpkin pie some more turkey, and football, Cowboys football that is.

But for the last 3 years Thanksgiving has meant so much more because we've had family come to town to visit and celebrate. My Mom & Dad, Sister and her kids (Brett, Rachel & Lindsey) made the trek down this year. I've got to say I love having everyone here, some people might not like being that close (10 people 1 house) but I think it's great. Not great as in, do it all time let's have one big happy family great, but it's good for 4 or 5 days.

We ate, we spent time together, saw a couple movies, did some shopping, played some golf, went on walks, hung the Christmas lights, played the Wii, did crafts, went and saw lights, cooked together, and had a great time.

Now the house is a mess, that's OK. Now our lives are getting back to normal, that's OK. Now we have a fridge full of food that will mostly go to waste, that's OK. There is a pile of laundry to do, bedding to wash, beds to make, and that's OK.

I am thankful for family
I am thankful for a loving wife
I am thankful for 2 great kids
I am thankful for good neighbors
I am thankful for a nice place to live
I am thankful for my job
I am thankful for health
I am thankful for opportunities
I am thankful for quiet times
I am thankful for noisy times

And now...that Thanksgiving is over...it's time for Christmas!


I heard a great quote once...They're two types of people in the world, those who think there are two types of people in the world,...and those that know better.


I do think there are two types of bikers. Not motorcycle riders; bikers. BMX, mountain bike, ten speed, etc...

First there is the man/woman who rides because he/she wants to ride. They've got the gear, the bright yellow spandex jersey with the padded crotch. Matching streamline helmet. The special shoes that clip in to their pedals so they can maximize every up and down stroke. Two water bottles full of Vitamin water. Ipod strapped to their arm with the cord neatly tucked through their spandex. The blinky red light on the back, and the blinky headlight on the front to warn motorists of their coming or going. These folks are usually in shape, calves that could stunt double as horseshoes and thighs that could crush walnuts. They look like they know where they're going and how fast they're going to get there.

Second type: A little aged (25-40), dressed in everyday apparrel, no bike accessories, usually on a BMX style bike. These guys are not riding a bike because they want to. They are riding because they have to. I'm guessing it's because of their choices... Is it me or do these guys kind of just troll around, not really heading anywhere in particular. They just kind of bump around streets and parking lots and business areas. They have a shifty way of looking around, like they're looking for some type of opportunity, for what I don't know... Anyway that's only my point of view and my observations.


Yeah. It happened today!?!?

Each year I wait for it. Each year it happens 2 or 3 times. It doesn't happen in summer (very often).
As many of you know I sell parts, I'm in the customer service business. "What can I get for you today Sir?" "How may I help you Maam?" "Would you like help with that?" These are all monicurs that roll forth from my yapper daily. Anyone who's ever been in this type of business knows you are always polite when interacting with a customer, but when they leave... all bets are off. Our customer's make us laugh, they make us mad, they leave us scratching our heads etc...

With that said, I've told this story many times to those I know but have never written it down for all to read. It usually goes something like this:

Me: What can I get for you today sir?
Old Man: Well, I bet you can't help me!
Me: Oh yeah, gimme a shot, what do you have there?
OM: It's a latch for my screen door.
Me: I see that, looks broke ;->.
OM: Yup. I've been all over this town and no one has been able to help me!
Me: Really, I've have that very thing right here. [Pull part from shelf & show OM]
OM: Yeah, you do have it... BUT... I bet you don't have it in white!?!?
Me: Actually I do, it's right here. [Pull white part from shelf & show OM]
OM: Oh......Well......How much is it?
Me: That'll be $14.99 plus tax.
OM: Mmmmm pretty proud of that there part!
Me: Well, that's just how much they cost, it's less than 20 bucks, not too bad I guess.
OM: Well, I'm gonna look around a little more and see if I can find it for less.
Me: OK. {The following only happens in my mind} Didn't you say you've been all over town looking for this part? Didn't you say no one has been able to help you yet here I stand, part in hand, ready to solve your problem for under 20 dollars? You prolly drive an old Chrysler Town Car that gets 2 gallons to the mile, and you're going to drive around more, maybe all the way across town, trying to save how much? How much can one save off of a $15 part? You're an idiot sir, you'll be back I know it!

Later that day....
OM: You still got that part?
Me: Let me check..........................Yep.
OM: Can you cut me a deal on it, gimme a break on the price?
Me: Nope, no can do, bosses get mad {hehehe I am the boss}
OM: Well, I think it's too much, but I guess I gotta do it [OM reaches in to wallet where several crisp hundred dollar bills are neatly lined up and pulls forth one of the aforementioned hunnies]
Me: Here's your eighty three dollars and sixty seven cents in change sir, have a great day!
OM: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

After a while I realized something about OM. Earlier that day when he first came in he had something to do. He had something to live for. For weeks his old lady kicks his behind everyday to "Git that dang door fixed". So when I had what he needed, I totally buzz killed his project. If he went home immediately following visiting me imagine how P-O'd his wife would be. "You've been puttin off that project for all this time when you could have finished it in an hour!" So he had to stall...He had to drive around for 6 or 7 hours to "accomplish" his task. Otherwise she's gunna find something else to nag about. But if it seems like the project was a PITA she'll leave him alone for a couple of weeks. It's the only rest he'll get until he dies, which will be before his wife cause he doesn't want to hear her nag, or do a project, so it's the next easiest thing!


Fan is short for fanatic...

my fan-dom was called in to question? Twice!
By a BYU fan?
I know, I know... You can't really talk a fan off his/her team, so I won't...

There is a buzz in the air around Phoenix about the Cardinals, I however, am not so sure. I'm going to make a prediction, and like any good psychic, anyway it goes, I'll be right! The Cards, IF they make the playoffs, will lose tragically in the first round.


If they don't make it to the playoffs, I'm right. I love being right. If they do make the playoffs and lose first round I'm right. Did I mention I like being right? If they make it past that, oh well, I'll enjoy their run.


Not my brightest moment :->

So it's been a while..., so what, it's my blog I'll blog when i'm good and ready. Why should I feel guilty, oh wait I don't. Anywho...

Me and a buddy from work (James) went shootstings (Austin Powers) today out in the desert. We left early to beat the heat and not take up the whole day. Megan came along, she loves going along with me and she enjoys shooting as well. We spent a few hours killing clay pigeons, cans, an old shoe and even a 40oz Budweiser bottle in perfect condition we found out there.

We shot pistols and rifles and took turns throwing and shooting clay pigeons with the shot gun. When we got home I remembered the bad part of shooting 5 or 6 different guns..., cleaning 5 or 6 different guns :->. Not the task is hard, it's just time consuming.

Now rewind a year or so ago. Another buddy of mine from work who used to be in the Army was talking about cleaning guns and how easy it is. So I ask him how / why it's so easy for him to clean a gun. So he tells me that back in the Army all they would do is shoot a whole bunch of carburetor cleaner in the action and barrel and that douches out everything, clean as a whistle.

So I tried it today with horrific results. When I was cleaning my little 22 rifle I noticed that the carb cleaner totally pulled up the finish on the wood stock. Not a little, quite frankly it worked better than any other wood stripper I've ever used. So once the irrevokable damage had been I decided to pull the gun completely apart. I spend a little over an hour sanding it down to bare wood and tomorrow I plan on refinishing it somehow.

To be honest, I'm not really that sad about it. I get to try a project I've never done before. For all I know it'll turn out better than it was from the factory, maybe not :->... Anywho, wish me luck. PS - I realize I should have taken pics but just think about the guys face in Indiana Jones when he looks at the Arc of the Covenant and his face melts, that's what my gun looked like.

PPS - Thanks Megan & James for a super fun day, Yeah I said it...Super Fun


I need a break from this vacation!

I would like to tell you about my weekend but my weekend but my wife, bro-in-law, sis-in-law and nephew did a fine job. I do however have to say thanks to everyone who let me crash at their respective houses. I think I slept in 4 places in 4 days including the lazy-boy at Ellis'.

Are you like me? Do you go & go & go while on "vacation". Holy crap: Fri 2:30am, Sat 4:30am, Sun 5:00am, Mon 8:00am, AHHWW the sleep in, Tues back up at 5:00am. Last night however 7-1/2 hours of solid, in my bed, windows open, open mouth snore job.

I can't decide if I like the quick 3-4 day vacation or the longer week to ten day vaca? Both have their Pro's & Con's I guess. To be honest I'm glad I got to fly back, that makes a four day vaca worthwhile. If a person has to do a roadie, it better be a good week, or else your rear end never gains back the feeling lost from hours of no circulation.

But now it's back to work. Actually the last day of vacation for me is worse than a day at work. I spend all day thinking about what I will have to face when I get back. "Just how many e-mails will I have? Did Mr. Cook's Norcold recall kit come in, I better check on that first thing! I wonder how many voice messages I'll have to return? I wonder if my co-workers left the soda in my fridge alone while I was gone?" Those were my thoughts, and yes it consumes me.

Only bad part of the weekend was I only spent one evening with my parents. Oh well, they're coming down for T-Giving so we should have lots of time together. I hope Jen & the girls are having fun. Thanks again for everyone's hospitality. Now back to 87 & sunny :->!


E-mail tag and my personal take on it...

We've all received one of these e-mails before, at least I hope you have. If not, you may want to reconsider your niceness level, maybe you're a jerk and you just don't know it. But I would say 98.5% of you are OK, and prolly have gotten one of these e-mails. My dad wants me to answer the following questions about myself (like he doesn't know the answers) and re-send it to 5 people. But that's no fun, I want to share with everyone who I know of that read this blog - all 4 of you.

What is your occupation right now? Bathroom attendant
What color are your socks right now? Barefoot..., and pregnant
What are you listening to right now? Anything by Englebert Humperdink
What was the last thing that you ate? I swallowed my Fruitstripe gum...
Can you drive a stick shift? Yes..., and yes :->
Last person you spoke to on the phone? The Amish <--- That's funnier than you think it is!?!?
Do you like the person who sent this to you? He's the only one with his own "ism's"
How old are you today? I look 39 I act 14
What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? WNBA without a doubt
What is your favorite drink? Court order says I can't drink anymore
Have you ever dyed your hair? Actually YES, once, but it didn't take
Favorite food? Soupkitchen sloppy joes or haggas - It's a toss-up
What is the last movie you watched? Steel Magnolia's for like the hundredth time
Favorite day of the year? Payday
How do you vent anger? Watch Steel Magnolia's
What was your favorite toy as a child? Fire...Me thinks to self. Was that a joke???
What is your favorite season? Duck
Cherries or Blueberries? Yes, in a pie please, mmm... pie
Do you want your friends to e-mail (post) you back? Friends? I don't need no stinking friends!
Who is the most likely to respond? Jen always comments, until I say she does, and then she doesn't, because I said she does
Who is least likely to respond? Please see above...? We'll see
Living arrangements? SWM w/ $$$ - Ladies???
When was the last time you cried? Watching Steel Magnolia's
What is on the floor of your closet? Skeletons
Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending to? Is that a rhetorical question? (Jim-ism)
What did you do last night? Partied like it was 1999
What are you most afraid of? The only thing I have to fear is...fear itself.
Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburger? I'll have the chicken or sea bass
Favorite dog breed? Brown ones
Favorite day of the week? Saturday, Saturday is a special day...It's the day we get ready for Sunday...
How many states have you lived in? All 50 & Puerto Rico - Livin' the Vida Loca
Diamonds or pearls? Who's buyin'?
What is your favorite flower? All purpose