No I won't... ... ... ... ... ... ...Crap I was tricked in to it!?!?


I remember when...

Tonight Jen & I were lounging and watching some TV. I wanted something to snack on, so I popped a bag of popcorn. It got me thinking about how popping popcorn used to be an event in our house growing up. You of course bought Orville Redenbacher popcorn in the gallon size jug. Half of which never even popped, which is why, I guess, we needed the gallon size jug. Then you had to plug in the "air popper" and let it warm-up for what felt like 20 minutes. You learned quickly how much was just the right amount of kernels to put in the machine. Put too few kernels in, and they all bounce out the top and in to the popcorn bowl rendering a once semi-heated, now cooled kernel useless (why is that). Put too many kernels in and you just had a burnt lump at the bottom that never put forth white fluffy fruit.

Then the butter - 2 schools here - butter on the top of the machine that melted with the hot air heat which made a horrible mess, or melt it (over the stove, not in the microwave) and pour it over the popped bowl. This made 10% of the white fluffy fruit shriveled like little yellow dried lemons, but they were delicious!?!? But 90% of the white fluffy fruit got nothin', not even salt would stick to it. Some families used flavorings instead of straight salt, this to me was heresy, worthy of the stretcher. Popcorn - butter - salt in that order, period.

But then...

Microwave popcorn was invented and threw this old crappy process out the window. Now it's open box..., insert bag in box..., press one button..., with 1 minute and 45 seconds..., and enjoy a buttery flavored, salted, relatively evenly seasoned bag of popcorn..., with most of the kernels popped and ready to go! YES I know it doesn't taste as good, well I guess it's a trade off - Crappy process or Crappy product.

Do you still "pop" popcorn with a popper, or do you use bagged microwave popcorn?


Don't taze me bro!!!

Jeff tagged me, he says it's a "male only" tag. So what the _______ (insert fav swear word) I'll do it.

How many guns do you own? Too many people read this to admit, however if you break in to my house, be prepared!?!?
Ginger or Maryann? Yes
Do you change your the oil in car or does Jiffy Lube (or other oil changing place)? I change my car's, but use synthetic, so I go 5000 between changes (Lazy approach) - Jen has hers done at the J Lube
Riding mower or push behind? Jen, how do you mow the lawn?
Favorite drink? I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly...

What is the size of your TV screen? It's this big (Me holding my arms up with my hands out)
Favorite Professional sports team? Cowboys, Duh, best team everrrr
Would you jump from an airplane? Been there, done that
Yard work or working on a car? Cahr (That was said with a Boston accent - like in Good Will Hunting) Now I'm gunna go beat up some smaart kids
Best Pizza? The best pizza is wood fired, nothing cooked in an electric oven tastes great
What was the last animal you killed (on purpose)? Duck(s)

If you could play one professional sport, what would it be? MLB relief pitcher, a really good one, not a crappy one stuck in AA ball
Last CD you bought? So long ago I can't remember - I've been downloading for so long I honestly can't remember, but I bet it was Country!!!
3 favorite TV stations? Telemundo, BBC, KBYU
Lazy boy or couch? What's the activity? Cause I was just thinkin'...!!!
How many pillows do you sleep with? Well I've never "slept" with a pillow, but I only lay on one when I sleep.
When was the last time you were at Cabela's? When I went with the above tagger 2 Christmas' ago.
Favorite car you have owned? 1972 Chevrolet camper special 3/4 pick-up with 1 ton springs in original yellow, shoulda never sold it, I'm an idiot, thanks for reminding me, grrrrrrr
Do you have a DVR? What size? Yes, like the saying goes, once you've had DVR, you never go back - Not big enough when it's the Olympics
Boxers or briefs? Commando - (Collective eeeewwww from the crowd) Aaaa-thankyou
Work out or watch sports? If I could play sports as a workout that would be my choice
Do you have any dead animals hanging on your walls? Negative, I'm not THAT creepy
Do you have to trim your ear hair? Nope, not yet - But Jen says it's a comin'
Tattoos? My ex-bro-in-law taught me this. Wait until you're 30 before you decide to get a tattoo. By then you'll really know if you truly want one. At 30 I realized they aren't for me. So no, no tattoos
Ever been arrested? Can you better define arrested? If by arrested you mean gone to jail, NO. If you mean cuffs on in rear of patrol car, YES

I don't know anymore guy bloggers, sad when I think about it... So no one else gets tagged unless you're bored, male, and wanna spend 20 minutes answering these questions.


GBD - Guilty By Design

Is it only me or do you feel guilty when you don't post? I keep checking others blogs and I see my name slipping down their list as the time from my last post becomes greater & greater. For some... And I won't name names...posting seems to come easy. They always find something to write about, some story to share with the rest of us, an interesting take on something that happened to them etc...

I realize that for me blogging is about reporting the past and proclaiming excitement for the future. I guess I like having things to look forward to, and who doesn't? But for now, I have no travel planned, no work trips or grand events to report. Wait a minute, I'm a liar...For our anniversary Jen got us tickets to Jim Gaffigan next month. I think he's funny, a little off, but funny. Deep down I guess he reminds me of me. "A little off"

On another note: Have you been watching the Olympics? If so why... If not why?
I have to admit, I'm logging more Olympic TV time than I care to admit. Jeff made some nice observations about the Olympics that you can read. I don't want to Big League Jeff but, I too have made some Olympic observations.
Swimming is not cool...but watching an American crush everyone else is...
If I hear the word Phelps one more time I'm pushing a Bic in to my ear...
Is it really necessary to determine who's the best badminton player in the world...
Do commentators hate the other athletes - Sounds like it to me...
Women's beach volleyball - Easy on the eyes...
Women's volleyball - Not easy on the eyes...
Admit it, China isn't as poor and crappy as you thought...
I have ZERO interest in anything not involving an American...
The older I get the more inept if feel as I watch teenagers competing on a global level...
The US 100 meter sprinter's names (Patton, Gay, Dix)...


I floated on air today, what did you do?

My heart and mind have been very full this weekend. For me, that makes it hard to put in to words, and especially to post on the net. As you may have read Jen had a birthday which we celebrated this weekend. We had a nice dinner at Olive Garden (thanks Lori for watching the girls). A few months ago Jen saw a blog post from a friend of hers where she went indoor skydiving. Jen said "I want that for my birthday!". Honestly, I think she forgot she had said that to me, which is a good thing when you're trying to surprise someone on their birthday.

You can see our fun times by clicking HERE. First is Megan, then Sam, then Me, then the birthday girl! I'm sorry there's no audio or music. I promised the girls I would get it posted on YouTube and if I want to get to bed tonight I better get 'er done. I highly recommend this for just about everyone. It was sooo much fun. I was afraid the girls would get scared or wuss out at the very end but nope, thanks to ANTM (America's Next Top Model) they were stoked to do it and went in face first (as you can see). Jen said it was the best birthday present ever... so I'm jazzed about that!?!? Yeah me for listening!?!?

Also, 13 years of marriage came and went this weekend, today to be exact, (Happy Anniversary Sweetie). There are a lot of people who have more years of marriage than us, but you got to admit, we're climbing the ladder. I was thinking this morning that love and marriage is a lot like an oak tree. As it gets older it grows, the roots get deeper, more and more branches grow, it gets stronger and stronger, taller and taller, but the best thing..., it gets more & more beautiful. It reminded me of the huge, gorgeous oak in Ellis' front yard. I like to hear him tell the story of how that tree was young and just "this big" when he planted it. Now it stands like a monolith protecting his house from the sun, rain and wind. When it's mid summer (like it is now), and it's in full bloom, it has huge leaves, a thick trunk, and huge acorns, it's about the best, prettiest tree I've ever seen. Just like the young daughter he gave to me in marriage, she's the best, prettiest wife I've ever seen!