Not my brightest moment :->

So it's been a while..., so what, it's my blog I'll blog when i'm good and ready. Why should I feel guilty, oh wait I don't. Anywho...

Me and a buddy from work (James) went shootstings (Austin Powers) today out in the desert. We left early to beat the heat and not take up the whole day. Megan came along, she loves going along with me and she enjoys shooting as well. We spent a few hours killing clay pigeons, cans, an old shoe and even a 40oz Budweiser bottle in perfect condition we found out there.

We shot pistols and rifles and took turns throwing and shooting clay pigeons with the shot gun. When we got home I remembered the bad part of shooting 5 or 6 different guns..., cleaning 5 or 6 different guns :->. Not the task is hard, it's just time consuming.

Now rewind a year or so ago. Another buddy of mine from work who used to be in the Army was talking about cleaning guns and how easy it is. So I ask him how / why it's so easy for him to clean a gun. So he tells me that back in the Army all they would do is shoot a whole bunch of carburetor cleaner in the action and barrel and that douches out everything, clean as a whistle.

So I tried it today with horrific results. When I was cleaning my little 22 rifle I noticed that the carb cleaner totally pulled up the finish on the wood stock. Not a little, quite frankly it worked better than any other wood stripper I've ever used. So once the irrevokable damage had been I decided to pull the gun completely apart. I spend a little over an hour sanding it down to bare wood and tomorrow I plan on refinishing it somehow.

To be honest, I'm not really that sad about it. I get to try a project I've never done before. For all I know it'll turn out better than it was from the factory, maybe not :->... Anywho, wish me luck. PS - I realize I should have taken pics but just think about the guys face in Indiana Jones when he looks at the Arc of the Covenant and his face melts, that's what my gun looked like.

PPS - Thanks Megan & James for a super fun day, Yeah I said it...Super Fun

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Kristy said...

Isn't it amazing how a day of shooting turns into a 2-3 day project. Good luck on the refinishing.